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Entwurf Leuchte - Foto1 _ Hala Ghatasheh
Entwurf Leuchte - Foto2 _ Hala Ghatasheh
Entwurf Leuchte - Foto4 _ Hala Ghatasheh
Entwurf Leuchte - Foto3 _ Hala Ghatasheh



The Black Iris is a national symbol of Jordan. Inspired by the intriguing beauty of nature in my home country, the sculptural form was generated through a geometric abstraction of the flower.


Using digital design & fabrication, the lamp was composed of three uniquely designed metal pieces, fabricated precisely using water-jet cutting, folded into the right form, and finally fixed together to form the final sculpture's geometry.

The folding technique allows the light through, highlighting the edges and creating dynamic shadow patterns as the Iris blossoms!

A contemporary geometric light sculpture, generated through Digital Design and Fabrication tools.

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