Digitaler Bauhaus-Spaziergang

Conceptual App Design

A Conceptual App designed to offer an interactive informative spatial experience for the young visitors of the Bauhaus University Campus!

The Digitaler Bauhaus-Spaziergang (Digital Bauhaus-Walk) App is proposed for the young visitors of the Bauhaus University Campus, who do not have information about the Bauhaus, nor interest in the history of the place.


The aim of this App is to offer a fun interactive spatial experience that inform the visitors about the highlights of the main Bauhaus University buildings through custom game-based tours, that vary in their content and duration, for the users to choose from.

Proposed App Navigation Structure

Interaction Concept:

Interaction with the space is facilitated through the use of the iBeacon technology; a Bluetooth-based beacon concept developed by Apple, which allows Bluetooth devices to broadcast or receive tiny and static pieces of data within short distances. They connect to the user's Smartphone and send out pop-up messages that include information about the different places/objects.

Proposed location for the iBeacon sensors through the Bauhaus University's Main Building

The pop-up messages contain brief information about the main highlights of the Bauhaus University's main buildings in the form of Graphics, texts, audio, and video. The App interface and graphic design is inspired from the context, and the artwork created by the Bauhaus Masters Oskar Schlemmer & Herbert Bayer.

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App - Navigation Structure