Digitaler Bauhaus Spaziergang

Conceptual App Design 

Project: Digitaler Bauhaus Spaziergang - App Design 


Design Year: 2016


Concept: The Bauhaus Walk App is designed for the young visitors of the Bauhaus University Campus, who do not have information about the Bauhaus, nor interest in the history of the place. Custom tours are proposed for the user to choose from, and by using the iBeacon sensor technology, the app aims at giving its users an interactive spacial experience as they walk through the building and discover different objects and spaces, as the iBeacon sensors connect to the user's Smartphone and send out pop-up messages that include information about the discovered places/objects.

A second layer of iBeacons would be installed in certain spots through out the building, that would send pop-up quiz questions to the user's Smartphone as they are doing the tour, to give them extra information at unexpected stops along their way, as an attempt to engage the users and keep the tour interesting!