ArTrace Interactive Installation


FAF Trade Fair 02.-05. Mar 2016 I Munich, Germany

This interactive installation allows visitors to participate in the creation of the displayed art, as an integrated motion sensor ​reads the visitors hand movement, and converts it into visual illustrations projected live on the inner surface of the installation for a unique exhibition experience.

Structure's Design Development:

The unique geometry of the structure was developed through a study of the light rays entering the Oberlichtsaal Gallery and their reflections on the inner surfaces of the space using computational architectural software "Grasshopper". Six main frames composed the structure. Each one had specific dimensions and shape, with custom made metal angular joints, that held the different elements together and preserved the geometry.


A prototype of two frames was realized in scale 1:2  to be displayed at the FAF trade fair 2016 in Munich, Germany.

Form Generation:

Visual Perception of Geometry: Vision begins when light rays are reflected off an object and enter the eyes. The form was generated through reversing the concept of Visual Perception of Light & Space, by tracing the light rays reflected within the spatial geometry, and the 3D geometric compositions created as light rays bounce off the inner surfaces of the Oberlichtsaal Gallery.

This was done by studying the light rays entering the room on June 21st at 12:00 pm in a 2m section inside the space, based on the geographical location of the Oberlichtsaal Gallery, using visual programming plugin Grasshopper & Rhino 3D modeling tools.

An interactive installation that highlights the displayed art while maintaining a unique geometric identity!


ArTrace Structural Design & Form Generation

Interaction Concept:​

As for the installation's interactive part, a Leap Motion sensor was used to trace visitors' hand movement, and transform it into visual light illustrations that were immediately projected and mapped on the inner surfaces of the installation, allowing the visitors to participate in the creation of the displayed art, instead of passively looking at it.

ArTrace Interactive Installation

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Exhibitions & Festivals:

FAF trade fair 02.-05. Mar 2016 I Munich, Germany

The Interactive prototype was displayed at the FAF trade fair 02.-05. Mar 2016 in Munich, Germany, along with two other prototypes developed by the MediaArchitecture students. The exhibition stand at the trade fair was planned and constructed entirely by student team: Lea Brugnoli, Hala Ghatasheh, Olaf Kammler, Roy Müller

Go4Spring 11.-14. Feb 2016 I Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany

Genius Loci Weimar 12.-14. Aug 2016 I Weimar, Germany